If you have redwood furniture that starts to show signs of age, such as yellowing or splitting, you may want to consider sealing it. Redwood is a very hard wood and over time, the natural oils and UV rays will break down the furniture.

Sealing the furniture can help prolong its life and keep it looking new. There are a few different sealers available on the market, so make sure you get one that is specifically designed for redwood furniture.

Seal Redwood Furniture

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How To Seal Redwood Furniture

When it comes to redwood furniture, it is important to take extra precautions in order to ensure that your furniture remains in excellent condition for years to come. Here are a few tips on how you can seal your redwood furniture: Apply a water based sealant to the wood.

Sand the furniture with a fine grit sandpaper. Apply a polyurethane coating to the wood and allow it to dry completely.

Apply A Water Based Sealant

If you want to keep your redwood furniture looking new for years to come, apply a water based sealant. These sealants are made to protect wood from moisture and decay, as well as provide a layer of protection against scratches and dents.

  • Apply a water-based sealant to furniture to protect it from the elements and make it look new for years to come. A water-based sealant is a great way to protect your furniture from the elements, making it last longer and look better than ever.
  • Follow the instructions that came with your sealant bottle to apply it correctly. Be sure to clean any excess off of the furniture before you start, as this will help prevent any unwanted blemishes or marks.
  • Allow the sealant to dry thoroughly before you move or use the furniture. If you do have to move the furniture, be sure to place it on a cloth or piece of paper so that any residual sealant does not get on anything else in the room.
  • Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight and heat, as these can damage it over time. Instead, store it in a cool and dark area where it will stay in good condition.
  • Water-based sealants are easy to remove – just use a damp cloth or sponge – if needed, but they are also resistant to most chemicals and solvents, so they will not damage your furniture like some other types of sealants might.

Sand The Furniture

If you want to keep your redwood furniture looking new for years to come, it’s important to sand it regularly. Not only will this prevent the wood from becoming dry and brittle, but it will also remove any built-up dirt, dust or residue.

  • Sanding the furniture will help to remove any built-up dirt, dust, and oils that may have settled on the surface. This process can be used to clean any areas that may have been missed when initially cleaning the furniture.
  • When sanding furniture, it is important to use a coarse grit sandpaper in order to get deep into the cracks and crevices. This will help to restore the wood’s original finish and protect it from future damage.
  • It is also important to avoid using too much sandpaper; overzealous sanding can cause scratches or blemishes on the surface of the furniture.
  • Always apply a coat of oil or wax after sanding in order to protect the furniture from weathering and decay.
  • Never use harsh chemicals or solvents when sanding furniture – these can damage the wood and leave behind a residue that will require additional cleaning later on.

Apply A Polyurethane Coating

If you’re noticing that your redwood furniture is starting to show wear and tear, it’s time to consider applying a polyurethane coating. This protection will help keep the wood looking new for longer, and it’s an easy process that can be done at home.

  • If you want to protect your furniture from the environment, a polyurethane coating is a great option. This type of coating is resistant to water, oil, and UV damage. It also provides a glossy finish that can help preserve the wood’s natural look and color.
  • Polyurethane coatings are available in two types: water-based and oil-based. The water-based variety is typically less expensive and easier to apply, but it may not be as durable as the oil-based variety.
  • Before applying a polyurethane coating, be sure to clean your furniture thoroughly. This will help prevent any dirt or dust particles from getting into the coatings during application.
  • To apply a polyurethane coating, start by preparing the surface you wish to cover with a fine layer of primer. Then, spray the desired amount of polyurethane onto the primer using an applicator gun or roller. Make sure to evenly distribute the paint across the surface before letting it dry completely.
  • Once the coating has dried, you can polish it off if you desire or leave it as is for a more finished look. Be sure to take care when cleaning your furniture after applying a polyurethane coating;ENSURE TO WASH IT THOROUGHLY TO PREVENT DIRT OR DUST PARTICLES FROM ENTERING INTO THE COATING

Types Of Sealing Materials

There are a variety of sealing materials you can use to protect your redwood furniture from water, pet hair and other contaminants. Some of the most common include silicone sealant, waterproofing spray and lacquer. Once you have chosen the right sealant or coatings, it is important to apply them correctly so that your furniture will stay in good condition for years to come.


Urethane is a common type of sealing material that is used to protect furniture from water and other contaminants. It is a durable material which can resist damage from moisture, oil, and grease.


Silicone is another popular sealing material which is used to protect furniture from moisture and other contaminants. It is a non-toxic material which does not require any special care and is resistant to most chemicals.


Cementing materials are often used to seal furniture in place. They are a strong and durable option which can withstand the elements and chemical spills.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is a popular type of sealing material which can be used to protect furniture from water, oil, and grease. It is a flexible and tough material which can resist damage from moisture, oil, and grease

How To Prep And Apply The Sealing Material

There are a few things you’ll need to do in order to seal your redwood furniture. First, you’ll need to prep the surface by cleaning it and drylining any existing gaps. Then, you’ll need to apply the sealing material using a sprayer or brush. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully so that your furniture stays in good condition for years to come!

Apply a thin coat of sealant to the surface you wish to protect.

Allow the sealant to dry for at least 24 hours, or until the desired level of protection is achieved.

Use a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the sealant and remove any wrinkles or bubbles.

Smooth out any rough areas with a wood chisel, then apply another light coat of sealant.

Let the sealant dry completely, then enjoy your newly sealed furniture!

Steps For Redwood Furniture Protection

There are a few steps you can take to protect your redwood furniture from water, rain and everyday wear and tear. First, cover the furniture with a waterproof fabric or plastic sheet. This will help keep the wood protected from moisture and debris. Second, use a sealer to protect the wood’s finish. This will prevent moisture and dust from damaging the furniture over time.

Clean the Furniture: Before you start any protection process, it is important to clean your furniture. Use a mild soap and water mixture to wash the surface of the furniture. Make sure to rinse off all of the soap before moving on to the next step.

Apply a Protective Film: After cleaning the furniture, you can apply a protective film to help protect it from dirt, dust, and other particles. To do this, simply use a sheet of parchment paper or some kind of barrier material and place it over the surface of your furniture. Make sure that you completely cover all areas that need protection.

Seal with a Weatherproofing Treatment: Once you have applied the protective film and treated your furniture with a weatherproofing treatment, it is time to seal it in place for good. To do this, simply use a spray bottle filled with an appropriate sealant and spritz it onto each piece of furniture. Be careful not to let the sealant get on any surfaces that you don’t want protected (like glass). Allow the sealant to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Protect Against Moisture: One final step is to make sure that your furniture stays protected against moisture damage by using proper storage methods and keeping it dry during storms and rainstorms

To Recap

Sealing redwood furniture can help prevent moisture, dust, and dirt from damaging the wood. You will need to use a sealant that is specifically designed for redwood furniture, and you should apply it every few years to keep the wood looking new.

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