Chaos cutting boards are a fun way to show your culinary skills and impress your friends. It’s also a great way to prevent food from sticking to the board and making messes.

There are a few different ways to make a chaos cutting board, but the most common is to use plywood or MDF and cover it with butcher paper or heavy-duty aluminum foil. Then, you can cut up your food on the board and it will be easy to clean.

Chaos Cutting Board

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How To Make A Chaos Cutting Board

Chaos cutting boards are an essential part of any kitchen. They help you to easily and cleanly cut food while minimizing the mess. There are a few things that you need in order to make a chaos cutting board: a quality board, sand board, and a non-slip finish.

Once you have these essentials, it is just a matter of following the instructions provided and finishing the project to your desired height.

Purchase Quality Board

When you’re looking for a quality cutting board, it’s important to purchase one that is made from high-quality materials. You don’t want something that will start to chip or crack after just a few uses.

There are a number of different types of cutting boards available on the market, so it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Consider your needs and preferences when choosing one.

Look for a Board That is Stain and Water Resistant

When looking for a cutting board, it is important to find one that can handle tough stains and water droplets. Avoid boards that are easily damaged or stained. A good quality board should be made from a sturdy material like wood or plastic, and will resist fading, staining, and water damage.

Look for a Board with Non-Slip Surface

A non-slip surface is essential when using a cutting board as it prevents accidents. Make sure the board has been thoroughly coated with an anti-slip agent like silicone or rubber.

Choose a Board That is Easy to Clean

Make sure the cutting board is easy to clean by choosing one that features grooves or ridges on its surface to catch food particles and other debris.

Check the Dimensions of the Board

Before making your purchase, measure the dimensions of the board you want to buy so that it will fit properly in your kitchen sink or countertop.

Buy a Board that Will Last Longer than Your Kitchen Knives

Choose a durable cutting board that can last longer than your kitchen knives!

Sand Board To Desired Finish

Making a sand board is a great way to practice your woodworking skills. First, cut the desired shape out of some plywood or hardwood. Then, use a belt sander to smooth out the edges and finish the surface. Finally, paint or stain the board as desired.


The first step in making your Chaos Cutting Board is sanding it to the desired finish. This will help to smooth out any rough edges and give the board a more finished look.

Paint or Stain

If you want to paint or stain your Chaos Cutting Board, you’ll need to apply a layer of primer before painting or staining. This will ensure that the paint or stain sticks to the board and lasts longer.

Glue and Wood Filler

To give your Chaos Cutting Board a more durable finish, you can use wood glue and wood filler. Wood glue will help to hold the boards together while wood filler fills in any cracks or gaps in the surface of the board.

Air Drying

After applying the glue and filler, let the Chaos Cutting Board dry completely before framing or mounting it on your wall. Doing so will ensure that the finishing touches are perfect

Apply A Non-Slip Finish

To keep your cutting board from slipping while you are chopping, apply a non-slip finish to the surface. There are many types of finishes that will work well on a cutting board and they come in a variety of colors and designs.

You can find finishes at most hardware stores or supermarkets and some are even made to be environmentally friendly. A non-slip finish will also help to prevent food from sticking to the board, which is especially helpful when cooking with wet ingredients.

Choose a finish that is appropriate for the type of food you plan to chop, as some finishes can be too slippery for certain foods. Once you have chosen a finishing product, apply it to the cutting board using a cloth or sponge applicator. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for applying the finish so that it will work best for your specific needs.

After applying the finishing product, let it dry completely before using the cutting board again. If necessary, you can also clean the cutting board with soap and water if it becomes dirty from use. Remember to store your finished cutting board in an area that is cool and dry so that it lasts longer

Trim Board To Desired Height

If you’re looking to make a custom trim board, there are a few things you’ll need. First, get some wood that’s the desired height. Next, use a saw to cut it to that height. Finally, sand and finish it as you please!


-board, 1 miter saw

-Tape measure
-Chisel or coping saw

Preparing The Board

The first step is to prepare the board by measuring and cutting it to the desired height. Once that’s done, start miter sawing the edges of the board so that it will be a perfect fit for your Chaos cutter.

Installing The Chisel Or Coping Saw

Once you have the board cut to size, it’s time to install your chosen tool onto the board and get started on the cuts! If using a chisel, make sure to use a straight edge so that you don’t end up with any random angles on your final product.

Finishing Touches

After finishing all of your cuts, it’s time to sand them down and give your Chaos Cutting Board a glossy finish.

Materials You’ll Need

When it comes to making a cutting board, the chaos design will add some fun and color to your kitchen. Materials you’ll need for this project include: wood, acrylic paint, paper towel, sponge, and scissors.

Start by taking a piece of plywood or MDF and painting it white. Then, use the sponge to apply a light layer of blue paint to the entire surface of the board. Next, take the yellow paper towel and dab it onto the blue paint in small circles.

Let the board dry for about an hour before using the scissors to cut out designs that you like. The finished product should look something like this:

How To Make A Chaos Cutting Board

Making a chaos cutting board is easy with a few simple steps. All you need to make your own cutting board is wood, acrylic paint, and a bit of creativity. Start by painting the entire cutting board white, then add random designs using different colors and shades.

For an extra touch, use glitter or sequins for added fun and glamour! Once your cutting board is completely finished, be sure to store it safely so it doesn’t get damaged. Make a chaos cutting board for your kitchen today and enjoy the unique look it provides.

Final Thoughts

Chaos cutting boards are a great way to add some fun and color to your kitchen while you’re chopping and slicing. You can make one yourself or find a pre-made option at your local store.

Choose a board that is the right size for the space you have. If you want to make your own, be sure to choose durable wood that won’t show scratches or dents easily. Once your chaos cutting board is ready, start adding some fun designs using paint, markers, or even fabric! Finally, clean your board once every week or so by wiping it down with a clean cloth and water.

Enjoy adding some fun and colorful chaos to your kitchen routine.

To Recap

Making a Chaos Cutting Board is a fun and easy way to show your friends and family how much you love cooking. This cutting board is perfect for people who love to cook with lots of different ingredients, and it can be used in any kitchen.

1. Start by cutting some foam core board to the size you want your Chaos Cutting Board to be.

2. Then, cut out various shapes out of felt or other materials that will make up the design on your Chaos Cutting Board.

3. Finally, attach the felt designs using hot glue or fabric glue, and let the glue cool completely before handling the Chaos Cutting Board

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