If you need to join two hollow core doors together, there are a few things that you will need to do. First, you will need to measure the distance between the door handles. Second, you will need to mark the location of the screws on each door.

Third, you will need to predrill the holes for the screws. Fourth, you will need to attach the screws to each door handle. Fifth, you will need to tighten the screws down. Finally, you will need to sand and finish off the project by painting or coating it with a sealant.

How To Join Two Hollow Core Doors

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How To Join Two Hollow Core Doors

Joining two hollow core doors can be a daunting task, but it is not impossible. First, start by stripping the Doors of their hardware. Measure and Cut New Hinges to Fit. Install New Hinges.

Sand the Joints Smooth. Apply a Thin Coat of Polyurethane. Reattach Door Hardware. Now you are ready to join the doors!

Start By Stripping The Doors Of Their Hardware

Start by stripping the doors of their hardware using a screwdriver or a pry bar. Once the hardware is stripped, use a door hinge tool to remove the hinges from both doors.

Carefully cut off the corroded and rusted screws and nails with a hacksaw or bolt cutter. Clean the surfaces of both doors with a degreaser before installing new hinges and screws.

Apply wood glue to one edge of each door panel, then attach them to the newly installed hinges using wood screws. Allow the glued panels to dry completely before painting or finishing them.

Measure And Cut New Hinges To Fit

Joining two hollow core doors is a simple task with the right tools and measurements. You will need an old hinge, a drill, a screwdriver, and wood glue. Drill a hole in the door jamb where the new hinge will go.

Screw the old hinge into the drilled hole. Glue the new hinge to the old hinge using wood glue. Once both hinges are glued in place, use a screwdriver to tighten them up.

Install New Hinges

Joining two hollow core doors can be a simple task with the right tools and instructions. The hinges you need will depend on the type of door you are joining. There are different types of hinges for hollow core doors, so read the instructions carefully before purchasing them.

Once you have your hinges, insert them into the door openings and secure them with screws or nails. Make sure to clean up any debris around the hinge area before finishing the job. You now have a new look for your old hollow core doors!

Sand The Joints Smooth

Sanding the joints smooth on hollow core doors can make them look new again. By sanding the seams and edges of the doors, you’ll prevent water infiltration and paint or sealant from sticking to the surface.

You’ll also eliminate any bumps or dents that may have formed over time. Simply use a fine-grit sandpaper to remove all traces of residue, making your doors look brand new once again.

Apply A Thin Coat Of Polyurethane

Thin coats of polyurethane can be applied to join two hollow core doors together. This solution is perfect for people who are not mechanically inclined or do not have the time to take care of a job like this themselves.

Polyurethane will create a smooth,jointless surface that is resistant to water and fading. The application process is simple and requires no special tools or skills- just some patience! Polyurethane also seals the edges of the doors so that moisture cannot enter from the outside.

After applying the polyurethane, let the project dry for at least hours before using it in your home. Make sure to measure your doorway openings first before starting the project to ensure an accurate result. Finally, clean up any messes made during the application process with a degreaser or soap and water- it’s that easy!

Reattach Door Hardware

If you have two hollow core doors that are not closing properly, it is important to take action and fix the issue as soon as possible. One way to correct this is by following the steps of reattaching door hardware.

This will help make sure that the doors close properly and don’t cause any other damage. You will also need to replace any screws or nails that are missing or damaged in order to reattach the hardware correctly. Make sure to read the instructions that came with your door hardware before beginning to repair it.

Finally, be sure to clean up any debris or dust that may have accumulated while repairing your door hardware.

Tools Required

Joining two hollow core doors may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools it can be completed in minutes. You will need a door hinge jig and a drill. The jig attaches to one of the hollow core doors and the drill attaches to the other hollow core door.

Using the jig, line up the centers of both doors and press down firmly on each door so that they join together. Be sure to hold onto the edges of both doors while attaching them to ensure that they don’t come loose during drilling. Drill into both sides of the joined doors until they are through and then remove the jig and drill bit.

Turn both doors so that they face outwards and secure them using screws or nails into place. Enjoy your new doorway!

The Procedure

You will need a drill, two hollow core doors, and some screws. The first step is to mark the door where you want it to join with the other door. Then, use your drill to make a hole in both doors at the marked location.

Next, put screws through the holes on each door and into the wall. Finally, line up the joined doors so that the screw heads are lined up and tighten them down with a wrench.

Finishing Touches

Joining two hollow core doors can be a quick and easy project that you can complete in just a few minutes. You will need some basic tools and supplies to join two hollow core doors, including a drill, screwdriver, and door hinges.

Follow these simple steps to join two hollow core doors: Insert the hinge pins into both panels of the door. Drive screws into the hinge holes on each side of the door panels, then attach the hinges to the screws. Finally, fit the panels together and replace any screws that were removed during assembly.

This simple project will give your door a new look and added security.


To join two hollow core doors, you will need a wood Dowel Rod Cap and Jigsaw. First, cut the dowel rod cap to size. Next, use the jigsaw to make a small hole in one end of the dowel rod cap.

Then, insert the other end of the dowel rod into the hole in the other end of the dowel rod cap. Finally, screw on the nut and bolt.

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