If you want to create a beautiful planter from a stump, then you need to follow some simple steps. First, you will need to remove the surrounding earth and other debris. Then, using an auger or chisel, you will make a hole in the stump large enough for your plant.

Finally, fill the hole with soil and water your plant.

How To Hollow Out Stump For Planter

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How To Hollow Out Stump For Planter

If you are looking to create a beautiful planter on your property, then you will need to hollow out the stump of a tree. Here is how to do it: Identify the location of the stump.

Dig a foot hole around the perimeter of the stump. Remove all the soil and roots from the area surrounding the stump. Clear away any stones, blocks, or other objects that may be in the way of your planter.

Fill the hole with soil or cement, depending on what type of plant you would like to grow there. Water and care for your new planter as normal.

Identify Location

If you want to hollow out a stump for a planter, the first step is to identify where it is located in your yard or garden. Once you have located the stump, measure and mark the outline of the hole you will need to make.

Next, use a chainsaw or handsaw to cut into the stump until it is completely removed. Finish up by sanding down any rough edges created by the chainsaw or handsaw operation. Fill in the hole with soil and plants, and enjoy your new planter.

Dig A 1 Foot Hole

Hollowing out a stump for a planter is an easy project that can add beauty and interest to your yard or garden. You don’t need any special tools or skills to complete this project, and it can be done in just a few hours.

Start by cutting the stump down to a manageable height with an ax or saw. Next, use a shovel to dig out the earth below the stump until you reach a foot hole. Pour either potting soil or garden sand into the hole, then place your plant into the soil or sand.

Finally, cover the hole with dirt and go enjoy your newly created planter.

Remove Soil And Roots

To hollow out a stump for a planter, start by first cutting off the top and bottom of the tree with an ax. Next, use a chainsaw to cut through the center of the tree trunk where it is widest.

Remove any large roots that remain in the stump after you have cut it down. Dig out around the stump until you reach virgin soil or fresh gravel. Fill in any holes that were created by your excavation with fresh soil or gravel and water it well.

Plant your chosen plants into the newly formed planter and mulch them lightly to keep them moist and healthy.

Clear Area Of Stones, Blocks, Or Other Objects

To create a clear area for planting in your garden, you will need to hollow out a stump. Clear stones, blocks, or other objects can be used to create the desired effect. By using a saw and some common household items, you can easily make the hole needed for planting.

Once the stump is cut down, carefully sand it smooth and prepare it for planting. Add soil to the inside of the hole and plant your favorite flowers or vegetables.

Fill With Soil Or Cement

hollowing out a stump for planting a planter is easy with the right tools and instructions. Start by cutting the stump at ground level, just below the soil line. Cut out the root ball using pruning shears or a hand saw, being sure to leave as much of the tree’s natural shape as possible.

Remove any branches that will obstruct water and air flow in your planter. When Hollowing Out A Stump For Planting A Planter: Use The Right Tools And Instructions Assemble your planting supplies, including soil, compost, mulch, and potting mix. Spread one layer of soil over the cut stump, making sure to pack it firmly into all crevices and holes.

Add more layers of soil until you reach the top of the stump (or container). Cover the container with additional layers of soil, then spread some organic matter on top to help retain moisture and support plant growth. Water well before planting your new planter and enjoy watching it grow.

Materials You’Ll Need

To create a planter from an old stump, you’ll need the following materials: A saw for cutting the stump into three equal parts A drill for making a hole in each part of the stump A bucket or large pot to fill with soil A trowel or spade to smooth out the top of the soil Wire mesh to cover the bottom of the planter Clay or other pottery glaze to finish Rocks, plants, ornaments, and/or fencing to complete your planter.

Planter Installation

Holes should be drilled at least feet deep into the stump before hollowing it out. Use a circular saw to make the initial cuts, then use a handsaw to finish the job. If you’re uncomfortable with using a power tool, you can try using a hand drill or even a crowbar for more precision.

Once the hole is drilled and cut, insert an inch PVC pipe into the opening and screw on the cap (or use a bolt and nut). Next, fill the planter with soil and water until it’s full, then plant your favorite flowers or herbs. Now that your planter is ready to enjoy, be sure to clean it regularly by rinsing off all of the dirt and debris with water.

For further instructions on planting and caring for plants in your planter, consult a gardening expert or online resource like Gardeners World Online.

Hollowing Out The Stump

Once you have found the perfect stump for your planter, the next step is to hollow it out. The simplest way to do this is with a chainsaw or handsaw. Be careful not to injure yourself while cutting the stump down and make sure the wood is dry before beginning work.

When hollowing out the stump, use a jigsaw or hand saw to cut a rectangular opening at least inches wide by inches long on all four sides. Make sure to leave enough of the stump’s circumference around the outside so that plants can be planted in the hole without being buried.

Once you have cut out your hole, use a hammer and chisel to trim away any excess wood around it so that plant pots will fit snugly into the space created. You can then fill your new planter with soil and plant your favorite flowers or shrubs inside.

Planting Your Seedlings

The best way to plant seedlings into a stump is with some preparation. Drill several holes in the center of the stump and insert Garden John’s Seed Starting Mix into each hole.

Plant your seedlings directly into the mix, making sure they are covered with soil. Water the plants regularly and keep them moist until they grow roots; then you can gradually reduce watering.

Once the plants have reached a healthy size, thin them out by removing the weaker ones. Leave plenty of space around each plant so that they can get enough sunlight and air circulation. Harvest your vegetables once they reach an appropriate size; then remove any leaves or plant debris from around the roots before replanting them in fresh soil.

If you choose to transplant your seedlings outdoors, be sure to follow specific planting instructions for your region and climate zone.

Watering And Fertilizing

To water and fertilize your plants, you will need to hollow out the stump of your fallen tree. Cut off the base of the tree at a level that allows for drainage. Make cuts into the bark perpendicular to the trunk and then pry it away with a hand axe or saw blade.

Dig down around the circumference of the stump until you reach moist earth beneath it. Fill in around the stump with fresh soil and tamp down firmly to create an even surface. Water your plant generously and fertilize as needed.


If you want to make a planter from a stump, first cut off the top and sides of the stump so that it is an octagon or similar shape. Next, use a saw to remove the rest of the wood from the stump, making sure not to go too deep into the center of the stump.

Finally, rake away any leftover woodchips and dirt with a lawnmower or bulldozer, leaving just the hollowed-out stump behind.

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