Hollowing out a book with a Dremel can be a fun and easy project for anyone interested in creative restoration. The process starts by cutting away the cover and spine of the book, then removing any attached pages.

Next, use a rotary tool to create small holes all over the surface of the book. Finally, fill these holes with spackle or putty, sand smooth, and paint or finish as desired.

Hollow Out A Book With A Dremel

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How To Hollow Out A Book With A Dremel

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to hollow out a book, then a Dremel is the tool for you! All you need is purchase a Dremel, plan the hollow out, create the template, remove the pages from the book, start cutting with the Dremel, and finish up by glueing and nailing down the ends.

Purchase A Dremel

If you want to create a unique book sculpture, you can use a Dremel tool to hollow out the spine of your favorite book. To start, cut off the hardcover of your book so that the spine is exposed.

Next, using a Dremel with a cutting wheel attachment, start cutting along one edge of the spine. As you cut, make sure to move the blade in a circular motion and keep your eyes on the project at all times.

Once you’ve made a small hole in the spine, enlarge it by turning the wheel around the opening until it’s large enough for your sculpture needs. Finally, use caulk or hot glue to seal the opening and finish your sculpture masterpiece! You can also use this technique to create unique jewelry ornaments from old books.

Experiment with different books and see what designs work best for you! Be careful when using a Dremel tool – always wear protective eyewear and be aware of potential hazards like flying debris. Have fun creating interesting sculptures from old books – just be safe and watch where you’re pointing that Dremel!

Plan The Hollow Out

When hollowing out a book with a dremel, start by marking all the important areas on the cover of your book. Once you have marked the areas, use a jigsaw to cut out these shapes.

Next, use a coping saw to create deep cuts into the surrounding pages. Make sure that you do not damage any of the original text or illustrations on your book! Carefully remove all of the unwanted pages and pieces of paper from your book using a dustpan and brush.

Finally, clean up any debris using a broom and bucket. You are now ready to finish your hollowed-out book! To make it look more like an authentic piece of literature, add some aged stamps or decals to some of the empty pages. If you would like to preserve the spine of your book as is, then simply tack it back together with hot glue after completing step Have fun creating your own unique hollowed-out books!

Create The Template

If you want to create a template for your book with a dremel, follow these easy steps: Draw the outline of the book on some cardboard or paper first. Cut out the template and then cut out the pages of the book using a rotary cutter.

If you want, you can also add trim around the edge of each page. Once all the pages are cut out, it’s time to start hollowing them out using a dremel tool. Start by cutting off one corner of each page and then slowly turn the dremel tool so that it cuts into the page evenly from top to bottom and side to side.

Be careful not to over-hollow or tear the pages as you go because this will ruin your template. When all the pages have been cut out, use a glue stick or hot glue gun to attach them together in their correct order (cover, inside front cover, etc.)

Remove The Pages From The Book

Hollowing out a book with a dremel is simple and effective way to remove the pages. The dremel tool has a variety of cutting tips that make different shapes and sizes for removing pages from your book.

You can also use it to cut out pictures, patterns, or words from your book. There are several guides and videos available online to help you get started with hollowing out your book. Once you have determined the size and shape of the hole you want to make in your book, start cutting away at the pages with the dremel tool.

Beware of sharp edges on the pages and be sure to wear safety glasses when using the dremel tool. When hollowing out your book, be sure to save all of the discarded pages so you can replace them later if needed. Clean up any debris created during removal of the pages with a damp cloth or brush before putting your book back together again.

Enjoy your newly-hollowed-out book!

Start Cutting With The Dremel

Hollowing out a book with a dremel is an easy and fun project that can be completed in just a few minutes. Begin by marking the inside of the spine of your book with a pencil or pen.

Cut along the marked line using the small cutting wheel on your dremel tool. Continue cutting until you reach the end of the spine. Turn the book so that it lays flat on your work surface and use a jigsaw to finish off the cuts.

Clean up any debris from the cut edges and admire your newly hollowed-out book!

Finish Up By Glueing And Nailing Down The Ends

After cutting out the pages of your book with a dremel, it is time to hollow it out. You will need to use a jigsaw or coping saw to make the cuts in the hardcover cover of your book.

Once you have cut out all of the pages, it is time to sand down the edges so that they are smooth and flush with each other. Next, use wood glue and brad nails to attach all of the newly cut pages together.

You can then finish up by gluing and nailing down the ends of your book cover.

Materials You’Ll Need

If you’re looking to create a unique book project, hollowing out a book with a dremel can be fun and rewarding. You’ll need some supplies to get started, including a dremel tool, some sandpaper, and an old book that you don’t care about.

Begin by tracing the outline of the book onto the cover of the old book. Next, use the dremel tool to cut away any unwanted material until you have a hole big enough for your project. Sand down the edges of the hole until it’s smooth and ready for your project.

Now it’s time to insert your project into the hole in the cover of the old book and secure it in place with duct tape or other securing materials. Finally, finish up your project by adding extra details ornaments using sandpaper or a dremel tool.

How To Hollow Out A Book With A Dremel

If you want to hollow out a book with a dremel, there are a few things that you need to know. The first thing is to make sure that the book is properly cut and trimmed before starting.

Once the book is cut and trimmed, start by removing all of the cover material. Next, use the dremel tool to remove any unwanted areas or details on the cover. Be careful not to damage the spine of the book while hollowing it out – use gentle pressure instead.

Once all of the unwanted material has been removed, it’s time to start working on the inside pages. Start by cutting around any images or illustrations that may be in the way, then remove them using your dremel tool. Once everything has been removed, it’s time to finish up by sanding down any rough edges and adding any finishing touches if desired.

Hollowed-out books look great as novelties or collector’s items, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit.


Hollowing out a book with a Dremel can be a fun and easy project. It’s also one that can be done by anyone with some basic woodworking skills. Just be sure to use safety precautions and follow the instructions closely.

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