If you have a broken table leg, there are a few things that you can do to fix it. First, you should try to secure the broken piece with some tape or a bandage. If this does not work, then you may need to go to a professional for repairs.

Fix A Broken Table Leg

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How To Fix A Broken Table Leg

If you find that one of your table legs is broken, there are a few things that you can do to fix it. First, remove the broken leg by using a Phillips head screwdriver. Next, use a pencil to mark the damaged wood where the leg was attached and drill two small holes at the marked spot.

Finally, replace the broken leg with a new one by inserting it into the drilled holes and screwing it in place.

Remove Broken Table Leg

If you notice that one of your table legs is broken, the best way to fix it is by removing it completely. You will need a wrench or a socket set to remove the leg from the table.

Once the leg is removed, clean up any debris around the break and screw the new leg into place using screws or bolts. Depending on the type of leg you are replacing, you may need to sand down the old surface before applying new paint or varnish.

Remember to use a level when marking where to drill for installation of your new leg so that it is perfectly level with the existing table top. When drilling through wood, always wear protective gear and be sure to keep all debris away from your newly installed leg.

Finally, seal your new wooden tabletop with a high-quality finish such as polyurethane or lacquer

Repair Damaged Wood With A Pencil And Drills

If you are experiencing a broken table leg, it is important to repair the damage as soon as possible. There are many ways to fix a broken table leg with simple supplies like a pencil and drill.

Start by marking the damaged area on the leg with a pencil. Drill a small hole near the marked spot on the leg. Insert a screw into the hole and tighten it using a wrench. Repeat this step for all damaged legs on your table.

Finish by sanding down any rough edges created by drilling and screwing. Finally, apply a finish of your choice to the repaired area

Replace Broken Table Leg

If you notice that one of your table legs appears to be broken, it is important to take action before the leg becomes too weak or unstable to support the table. Replacing a broken table leg is not difficult, but it does require some tools and knowledge.

You will need access to a drill, saw, screwdriver, and nails. Depending on the type of leg your table has, you may also need a wrench or spanner. Once you have gathered all of the necessary supplies, make sure to safety goggles and protective clothing before starting the repair process.

Begin by drilling a hole in the old leg where the new one will go and screwing in the new one using screws or nails depending on its design. Be sure to sand down any rough edges on the new leg so that it blends in with the rest of your table perfectly! Finally, apply a sealant or varnish to protect your wood from weathering and damage in the future

If The Leg Is Broken Into Small Pieces

If you have a broken table leg, it is important to take care of the situation as soon as possible. Clean and dry the area where the leg was broken. Tape or glue the broken pieces together so that they are stable.

Make sure that no sharp objects are nearby when taping or gluing the pieces together. After taping or gluing is finished, be sure to clean up all the debris around the area where the leg was broken. Place a piece of wood under the Broken Table Leg to ensure stability while it is being repaired/replaced.

If you do not have a piece of wood handy, place some bricks or weights on top of the table leg until it is replaced/repaired. Call an expert if your Broken Table Leg cannot be fixed by yourself and needs to be replaced ASAP!

If The Leg Is Broken Into One Big Piece

If the leg of your table is broken into one big piece, you’ll need to take it to a professional to fix it. The best way to fix a broken table leg is by using a cement type material and some screws.

You’ll need to make sure that the screw goes all the way through the leg and into the wood so that it’s secure. After screwing in the cement, use a hammer and chisel to break up the large chunk of wood until it fits flush with the floor or wall.

Finally, paint or stain over the newly patched area to match your existing décor. Don’t try to do this yourself if you don’t have any experience with fixing furniture! Make sure you get an insurance estimate before trying to fix something like this yourself – it can be expensive! If you’re not satisfied with the repair job, ask for their help getting it fixed again – they may be able to do it for free depending on what happened during the original repair attempt.

Don’t forget – always keep a set of spare screws and cement on hand just in case! Taking care of your furniture is important – especially when something breaks!

If You Can’T Fix It Yourself

If you can’t fix it yourself, there are a few things you can do to try and ease the pain. You may be able to glue the leg back together if it’s only held together with a few screws.

If the leg is completely broken off, you’ll need to replace it entirely. If the table is an older model or not made very sturdy, you may be able to repair it with wood glue and nails.

For newer tables that are more sturdy, you may need to replace the entire table top instead of just the broken leg. Be sure to measure your table before beginning any repairs so that you don’t make them too large or too small.

Always use caution when working with wood and be sure to wear gloves and eye protection when doing any repairs. Don’t forget to clean up any messes you make while repairing your table – a little bit of extra effort will go a long way!

Get A Professional Opinion

If you notice that one of your table legs has broken, don’t try to fix it yourself – get a professional opinion. The best way to know if you can fix the leg is by taking a look at the area where it’s broken.

If there are any jagged edges or screws sticking out, don’t even start – go straight to the professionals. Don’t forget that a broken table leg could also cause wobbling and instability when using your table in its natural setting.

Make sure to keep all evidence of the break (screws, pieces of wood) so that you can give the repairman an accurate estimate of what needs to be done. Once you make the decision to call in professionals, don’t panic – most businesses offer same-day appointments.

Keep in mind that some repairs may take longer than others, so be prepared for that as well when making the call. Finally, remember that not all businesses specialize in fixing tables – so be sure to ask about their services before choosing one! When hiring a professional, consider looking for someone who is experienced with wooden furniture repairs and specializes in Table Legs specifically .

Be sure to ask about their qualifications (in terms of years of experience), rates for the service they provide, and how long it will take them to do the repair job (assuming everything goes according to plan).


If you manage to break a table leg, there are several ways to fix it. First, you can use a hammer and screwdriver to tighten the bolt on the leg. Second, you can use a wrench to loosen the nut and then replace the nut with a new one.

Finally, if all else fails, you can use a chisel or saw to cut off the broken piece of the leg and replace it with a new one.

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