About Us

The South West Wood Crafters Community

We have been woodworkers for over many years. We have a passion for woodworking and enjoy creating beautiful items from wood. We have a variety of skills, and enjoy working with different types of wood.

We enjoy sharing our work with others, and getting feedback. We are always learning and expanding our skills. Also, we are members of the American Association of Woodturners, the North American Woodworking Guild, and the Western Association of Woodturners. We started working with ussquite in the desert because it was readily available, then expanded to Yucca, Sotol, and other woods.

Since Kokopelli is so much a part of the Southwest Culture, we are very interested and did research on the legend surrounding him. We love to do what we do and it shows in what we make.

We made this website and write blog posts to share our knowledge, our passion, our love, to contribute and help the community as well as whosoever want to know about wood working. Our aim is to educate and help others, while also preserving our environment.

Our expertise spans many aspects of woodworking, from simple projects like furniture making to more complex carpentry tasks. We love to share our knowledge and inspire others to get started in the woodworking world!

We hope you enjoy our blog and find our articles helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.