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Sharpen a Gouge

How to Sharpen a Gouge?

Sharpening a gouge is an important step in maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the…

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Our work is related to the Southwest Culture research on the legend surrounding the origins of American beauty.


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Share our knowledge, our passion, our love, to contribute and help the community as well as whosoever want to know about wood working.

We’ve been wood workers for many years

We have a passion for woodworking and enjoy creating beautiful items from wood. We have a variety of skills, and enjoy working with different types of wood.

amazing carpentry finishes
made of durable hardwoods

Unique and high-quality handcrafted furniture. The best hardwoods to make their products and they also have an amazing finishing process.

The Authors

They have been working with wood for the past three decades.

chris toon
Chris Toon is a small business owner that takes pride in handmade wood items that are unique and personalized to each customer’s request.
Fredrick Taylor
Freeport, IL
chuck pisano
Chuck Pisano is an experienced woodworker who has a passion for his work. He has a lot of experience and is very skilled at his craft.
Mary Stephen
Walpole, MA
edward toth
Edward Toth is a populer wood curver who has a lot of experience among the community. He has a passion for his work and takes pride in his craftsmanship.
Norman Weaver
Syracuse, NY